Psychologist & Ghostwriter

No time to write content? Let me introduce myself

If you’re a Psychologist or Life Coach & you want to:

  • Build a brand on Twitter
  • Get subscribers to your newsletter
  • Land more clients for your 1:1 Counselling offer

But you don’t have time to write content yourself? That’s where I come in.

I will sit down with you, immerse myself in your brand’s voice, write content that’s completely indistinguishable from your own & turn you into an immediate authority in your space – all without you having to lift a finger.

I’ll handle the content. You get back to doing what you do best – serving your clients.

Sound like something you might be interested in? Stick some time below – let’s figure out how I can help you and your brand.

What Services do I Offer?

I am not your average Ghostwriter. I actually understand the field – I have a degree in Psychology. And I’m ready to help you write content that builds your audience, establish your brand & gain you clients

Want to be a Ghostwriter but can’t figure out a way to monetize it? Don’t stress – I’m here to help. I built a 5-figure Ghostwriting brand in under 90 days & now I’m helping people like you do exactly the same. Stick some time below in the calendar, and let’s work out how I can help you with your ghostwriting dreams.

Making money as a writer comes down to 2 things: Capturing attention and then converting this attention into cash. Fortunately, I know how to do both. I’d love to help you write posts that get more views, emails people can’t stop reading and products that make you money on autopilot every single day. Stick some time with me below and I’ll explain how my writing coaching service works.

My Socials

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