Somehow, BJJ, swimming, ocean, and surfing fit together. Don’t you think? I feel like the same guys who would get into surfing would also like BJJ. In fact, I met many BJJ practitioners who are also into surfing and swimming.

Also, before there was a BJJ Rash Guard market, many Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu guys wore their surf rash guards to BJJ practice.

So the question comes up: Can You swim in a BJJ Rash Guard? The short answer is yes, you can. It protects you, keeps you warm, and is water-resistant. Let me explain further in this article.

Can you swim in a bjj rash guard? A women is surfing with a rash guard

What’s the Difference Between Swim Rash Guards and BJJ Rash Guards?

So, what’s the difference between swim rash guards and BJJ rash guards? Well, let’s start by saying they are very similar. They are made from the same material – a spandex and nylon mix. But there are some differences you need to keep in mind.

Swimming rash guards are a bit thicker, and they often have UV protection, which is important if you’re out in the sun a lot. BJJ ones are grippier. That way, you can keep hold of your opponent when you’re training.

Also, BJJ rash guards are more expensive. They have more flashy designs and are more breathable when you grapple and fight on the mat. They also usually have a waistband, keeping them in place during grappling – which explains the higher price. 

If you’re into surfing, those rash guards tend to be even thicker. And they’re less flashy. They’re also cut shorter, while BJJ rash guards are generally thinner and longer.

So yes, you’ll notice some differences in thickness, length, and grip. But at the end of the day, they’re similar in many ways.

Can You Swim In A BJJ Rash Guard?

So you’re wondering if you can wear your BJJ rash guard to swim? Yes, you totally can. BJJ Rash Guards fit tight, resist water, and stay in place. They also give you some good protection when you’re moving around in the water.

But remember that BJJ rash guards are not made to keep you warm in the water. Swimming rash guards are usually thicker and can help keep you warmer.

Also, BJJ rash guards are not made with UV protection in mind. That’s a big thing to consider if you’re in the sun.

So, can you use your BJJ gear for a swim? Yes, but it might not be the best long-term solution for swimming. 

Final Words

Swim rash guards and BJJ rash guards are like cousins. They come from the same family of gear, and they can do a lot of the same stuff. You can wear a swim rash guard for BJJ training, and you can also rock your BJJ rash guard in the ocean.

But remember, they’re not the same. BJJ rash guards are more about grip and staying in place when grappling. They’re not made to keep you warm in the water or protect you from the sun. On the flip side, swim rash guards can keep you warmer and often have UV protection.

So, you can wear a BJJ rash guard for swimming, but think about what you need. If you want warmth and UV protection, investing in a swim rash guard is a good idea. But if you want to dive in real quick, a BJJ rash guard will do the job.

Still on the hunt for a good BJJ rash guard? Check out my list of the best rash guards on the market. I’m sure you’ll find something that fits you.

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