Are you in the world of BJJ or MMA, and you want to get better faster? 

Imagine having a partner who’s always available for practice, never complains, and lets you perfect your leg locks and grappling techniques without complaining. Sounds like a dream, right?

Well, the best grappling dummies can make that dream a reality. From Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to Judo, a good grappling dummy can be the missing piece to take your skills to the next level.

Stick around as we dive into what to look for in a grappling dummy, what makes one stand out, and why you need a dummy for your training. 

We’ll show you the 10 Best Grappling Dummies in 2023. 

Best Grappling dummies

What Are The Best Grappling Dummies?

NumberNamePriceProsConsWho Is It For
1DAAN MMA Grappling Dummy$117.99Versatile for BJJ & MMA, waterproofSize may not fit all, filling can be difficultGrapplers, Adults, Advanced
2CBC MMA Grappling Dummy 3.0$169Holds positions well, articulated hands & feetExpensive, filling challengingGrapplers, Advanced, Adults
3Jendila Grappling Dummy$34.90-$50.90Budget-friendly, multiple sizesAttracts lint, thicker neck limits chokesGrapplers, Budget-friendly, Beginners
4Ring To Cage Deluxe Grappling Dummy$399.99High-quality, suitable for striking & grapplingMost expensiveGrapplers, Advanced, Adults
5Combat Sports Grappling Dummy$239.99-$299.99Ultra-durable, multiple weight optionsPriceyGrapplers, Wrestlers, Adults
6HAWK Kids Grappling Dummy$25.99Kid-friendly, soft yet durableLimited to younger kids, hard to cleanKids, Beginners, Budget-friendly
7JAYEFO Beast 58 Grappling Dummy$39.99Budget-friendly, adjustable positioningDifficult to clean, not highly durableGrapplers, Budget-friendly, Beginners
8Stylso Wrestling Dummies$29.99Cheap, focuses on takedownsShort arms limit training, less versatileWrestlers, Taekwondo, Budget-friendly
9LEATHERAY MMA Jiu Jitsu Grappling Dummy$109Multiple sizes, good for various techniquesFalls short in takedown departmentGrapplers, Beginners to Advanced, Adults
10Celebrita MMA Grappling Dummy$89.99High-quality build, lifelike feeling, good posture, good price-value ratioLimited versatility, not ideal for practicing passing and bottom half guard sweepsGrapplers, Adults, Intermediate
The Best Grappling Dummies In 2023: Comparison Table

1. DAAN MMA Grappling Dummy


The DAAN MMA Grappling Dummy is made for serious BJJ and MMA practitioners. It’s a tireless partner ready to go—whether it’s supine, turtle, guard, or any position you aim to master. Also, it’s waterproof and comes with a lifetime warranty. What I really like is that it comes unfilled. That means you can stuff it with whatever works for you, from old t-shirts to pool noodles.

DAAN MMA Grappling Dummy

Key Benefits

  • Versatile for Practice: You can work on many positions like supine, turtle, guard, and pin escapes.
  • Waterproof: Don’t stress about your sweat; this dummy can handle it.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Yep, they’re that confident about its quality.
  • Customizable Weight: Since it comes unfilled, you get to pick what goes inside, adjusting the weight to your liking.
  • Realistic Feel: It holds its shape and position, so it feels like you’re grappling with a real opponent.


At $117.99, it’s on the higher side, but the quality and durability make it worth the price. Given its features and lifetime warranty, you’re looking at long-term value.

Pros & Cons


  • Super versatile for BJJ training and MMA jiu-jitsu grappling.
  • Sturdy and high-quality build, as backed up by its lifetime warranty.
  • Waterproof, so go ahead and sweat all you want.
  • Comes unfilled – adjustable to your liking


  • 170 cm size might not be the best fit for tall people or kids
  • Filling can be a bit of a task because of its thick material.
  • The limb positions aren’t the best for drilling certain moves like takedowns or kimura.

The DAAN MMA Grappling Dummy is a very good investment for anyone looking to get serious with their grappling. It’s not perfect, but the pros far outweigh the cons.

This dummy is very unlikely to break; instead of going for cheaper options that will always break, it’s best to invest in a product that can hold for a long period and has high quality.

That’s why the DAAN Dummy is the first one on my list. It’s really a great choice if you’re searching for the best grappling dummies out there.

2. CBC MMA Grappling Dummy 3.0


Next up, we’ve got the CBC MMA Grappling Dummy 3.0. This dummy holds its knees to its chest, letting you practice realistic grappling techniques. And guess what? It’s not just waterproof; it also has articulated hands and feet, making it unique in the market of grappling dummies.

Best grappling dummies

Key Benefits

  • Realistic Positions: Whether it’s seated, supine, or turtle, this dummy gets you as close to a real opponent as you can get.
  • Quality Built: High-quality materials make this dummy super durable.
  • Waterproof: Train anywhere without worrying about water damage.
  • Specialized Training: Its articulated hands and feet are perfect for joint locks, leg locks, and more.
  • Ease of Filling: Zipper openings in the legs make stuffing this dummy very easy.


At $169, it’s a bit expensive, but the features justify the price. If you’re serious about your grappling, especially for BJJ and MMA, this could be a smart long-term investment.

Pros & Cons


  • Holds its position well, great for practicing ground and pound.
  • Unique feature of articulated hands and feet, perfect for specialized training in wrist and ankle locks.
  • Zipper openings make filling easier than other dummies available.
  • Very High Quality, doesn’t break easily


  • A bit pricey, but you’re paying for quality and unique features.
  • Like any grappling dummy, filling can be challenging but the zippers do help.

The CBC MMA Grappling Dummy 3.0 stands out for its unique features. If you’re big on joint locks, leg locks, and specialized training, this is the grappling dummy to go for. It’s one of the best grappling dummies in 2023, especially if you’re ready to pay a bit more for those extra features.

3. Jendila Grappling Dummy


Alright, let’s talk about the Jendila Grappling Dummy. This one comes with a super affordable price range of $34.90 to $50.90. Plus, it’s got five sizes to pick from, making it a hit for both kids and adults. This dummy’s legs and arms can be repositioned for diverse training, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. The canvas material can be a bit of a hair magnet.

Jendila Grappling Dummy

Key Benefits

  • Multiple Sizes: Perfect for both kids and adults. One of the few dummies on the market with this many size options.
  • Versatility: Arms and legs can be straightened and repositioned, allowing you to improve transitions to side control, mount, and more.
  • Specialized Drills: Its articulated feet and heels let you hone in on your heel hooks and ankle locks.
  • Adjustable Weight: The dummy comes unfilled, letting you choose the right weight for your needs.


With a price ranging from $34.90 to $50.90, this one’s easy on the wallet. Depending on the size you go for, you can get a pretty good deal.

Pros & Cons


  • Budget-friendly without sacrificing too much on quality, making it one of the best grappling dummies for training if you’re on a budget.
  • Versatile in grappling techniques, it allows you to practice, including BJJ and MMA dummy drills.
  • Comes in multiple sizes, so it’s a great choice for families or gyms with varied needs.


  • The canvas material attracts lint and hair, so you’ll spend extra time on cleaning.
  • A thicker neck makes chokes more difficult.

If you’re looking to practice various grappling techniques without breaking the bank, the Jendila Grappling Dummy should be on your radar. It may have a couple of downsides, but its versatility and affordability make it a solid pick, especially for those new to BJJ and MMA.

Just be aware that this Dummy comes unfilled, meaning you have to stuff it yourself. 

4. Ring To Cage Deluxe Grappling Dummy


Looking to take your grappling to the next level? The Ring To Cage Grappling Dummy is likely to be the best grappling dummy for BJJ. With a price tag of $399.99, it’s the most expensive option on our list, but for good reason. Made from heavy-duty vinyl coated with Polyester, this dummy is built to last. Not only is it suitable for grappling, but this dummy is also designed for striking drills. You have the choice of buying it filled or unfilled, giving you customization options for your training needs.

Ring To Cage Deluxe Grappling Dummy

Key Benefits

  • Exceptionally durable, made to withstand rigorous training sessions.
  • Comes with flexible arms, legs, wrists, and ankles, allowing you to practice many grappling techniques.
  • Unique in featuring hands and feet, adding to the realism and enabling better practice with joint locks and other submissions.
  • Available in two sizes: youth and adult, making it a versatile dummy that caters to different age groups.


With a higher price point of $399.99, this dummy is definitely an investment. But considering the quality and versatility, it’s a great choice if you’re serious about improving your BJJ and MMA skills.

Pros & Cons


  • Super durable, this grappling dummy is made of high-quality materials.
  • The dummy is perfect for both striking and grappling.
  • Limbs are extendable, letting you train virtually anything.
  • Prefilled, no filling required


  • It’s the most expensive option.

Finding the best grappling dummy might be challenging, but if you’re in need of a dummy that can withstand intense training sessions, this Ring To Cage Deluxe Grappling Dummy is an excellent pick. Whether you’re into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, or any other grappling sports, this dummy offers high quality and reliability.

5. Combat Sports Grappling Dummy


The Combat Sports Grappling Dummy is your indestructible training partner, built to take whatever you throw at it. This standing dummy is made from military-grade material and ready for anything—from takedowns to strikes. And the cool thing is: it comes in four different weights, each with a proportional height adjustment.

Combat Sports Grappling Dummy

Key Benefits

  • Built to Last: Made from life-sized vinyl, this is a grappling dummy you won’t have to replace anytime soon.
  • Multiple Weights: Choose from 70, 90, 120, or 140 pounds to find the perfect resistance level for your training.
  • All-Around Training: Ideal for everything from groundwork to strikes. It even works for leg lock drills.
  • Safety First: Focus on improving your skills without the risk of injuring your sparring partner.
  • Tailored to You: Comes in both youth and adult sizes, offering a range of options for all ages.


This dummy is a bit expensive, ranging from $239.99 to $299.99. But given its military-grade durability, it’s a long-term investment that will hold up for years.

Pros & Cons


  • Ultra-durable, thanks to its high-quality construction.
  • Great for BJJ, MMA jiu-jitsu grappling, and other forms of combat training.
  • Comes in different sizes and weight options
  • This dummy is able to stand
  • Prefilled, no filling required


  • This dummy is a bit pricey

The Combat Sports Grappling Dummy is a standout option for anyone deeply committed to their grappling practice, whether that’s BJJ, MMA, or other disciplines. With its high price point, it’s definitely an investment that will pay off in the long run, thanks to its durability and range of features.

In a market full of grappling dummies, this one sits at the top in terms of quality and durability. If you’re a pro and want to learn takedowns, this dummy can withstand whatever you throw at it, making it one of the best grappling dummies in 2023.

6. HAWK Kids Grappling Dummy


Say hello to the HAWK Kids Grappling Dummy, a budget-friendly choice geared towards the young grapplers out there. Standing at approximately 99 cm, this dummy is designed to help kids practice their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills. What’s more, it comes unfilled, giving you the flexibility to fill it up to a max of 30 pounds—a weight that’s just right for youngsters.

Haw Kids Grappling Dummy

Key Benefits

  • Perfect for Kids: The size and weight are tailored for children getting into BJJ.
  • Budget-Friendly: At just $25.99, this is a steal for parents looking to get their kids into grappling.
  • Comfortable Training: Though durable, it’s still soft enough to ensure your child’s comfort during practice.


This grappling dummy comes at an affordable price of $25.99. Given its features tailored for kids, it offers good value for the cost.

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent for BJJ training for kids.
  • Durable yet soft enough for comfortable practice.
  • Highly affordable, especially for parents just introducing their kids to BJJ and MMA.


  • Size limits its use to younger or shorter kids.
  • The canvas material might be a chore to clean.
  • Comes unfilled, so there’s some setup required.

Looking for an entry-level grappling dummy for your child? The HAWK Kids Grappling Dummy is the best way to get them started on their BJJ journey. While not the most versatile dummy, it does what it needs to and at a price that won’t break the bank. And if you’re buying a grappling dummy for the first time, this is a great choice to consider.

7. JAYEFO Beast 58 Grappling Dummy


Meet the JAYEFO Beast 58, one of the most wallet-friendly grappling dummies you can find. Standing at 5 feet, or 6 feet, this dummy is flexible enough to lay flat or bend into a seated position. Designed to weigh 120 pounds when filled, it’s a cost-effective option for those stepping into BJJ and MMA without burning a hole in your pocket.

JAYEFO Beast 58 Grappling Dummy

Key Benefits

  • Cost-Effective: Priced at just $39.99, this is a fantastic option for beginners.
  • Flexible Positioning: Whether you prefer it flat or seated, this dummy’s got you covered.


For $39.99, you’re getting a dummy that, while not perfect, is more than serviceable for beginners. If you’re looking to save some cash while still getting a taste of BJJ and MMA, this dummy may be your go-to.

Pros & Cons


  • Extremely budget-friendly, making it accessible for newcomers.
  • You can adjust its positioning to suit your training needs.
  • Its price makes it one of the best grappling dummies for those tight on cash.


  • The cloth material could be a hassle to clean.
  • Legs turn inward, which limits some training maneuvers.
  • Not the most durable grappling dummy on the market.

If you’re just dipping your toes into the world of BJJ or MMA and don’t want to invest a lot just yet, the JAYEFO Beast 58 offers a way to practice without splurging. Downsides are there, but for the price, it’s a fair trade-off.

If you are looking for a grappling dummy for your kid, they also offer the Jayefo Sports Kids Grappling Dummy – worth to check out!

8. Stylso Wrestling Dummies


Say hello to the Stylso Wrestling and Grappling Dummy. With options in both 5ft and 6ft sizes, this unfilled Dummy gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Priced at just $29.99, it’s a great entry-level pick for those focusing mainly on takedowns in BJJ or MMA.

Stylso Wrestling Dummies

Key Benefits

  • Budget-Friendly: At $29.99, this one’s easy on the wallet.
  • Takedown Specialist: If takedowns are your thing, this Grappling Dummy is perfect.
  • Durable for the Price: While it’s not top-of-the-line, it holds up pretty well considering how much it costs.


The Stylso Dummy comes in at an affordable $29.99. If you’re new to grappling techniques and looking to save some money, this is a fantastic option.

Pros & Cons


  • Budget-friendly, especially for BJJ training focusing on takedowns.
  • Surprisingly durable for the price point.
  • This Dummy is able to stand


  • Shorter arms limit some training options.
  • It’s not as versatile but still a good value considering the price.

If you’re mostly into takedowns and want a dummy that’s easy on the pocket, the Stylso Wrestling and Grappling Dummy might just be what you’re looking for. So, if takedowns are high on your list, give this one a look.

9. LEATHERAY MMA Jiu Jitsu Grappling Dummy


Meet the LEATHERAY MMA Jiu Jitsu Grappling Dummy, a versatile choice that offers you both filled and unfilled options. With a $109.00 price tag, it’s relatively affordable, especially since one of the options comes prefilled at 35kg.

LEATHERAY MMA Jiu Jitsu Grappling Dummy

Key Benefits

  • Pricing: At $109, you get a lot of dummy for your buck, especially considering it’s prefilled.
  • Multiple Sizes: You have choices. Go for a 4 ft filled option, or choose from the 5 ft and 6 ft unfilled dummies.
  • Versatile: Good for a wide range of grappling techniques, though it might fall short in the takedown department.


For $109, you’re getting a prefilled 4 ft dummy, but you can also opt for unfilled 5 ft and 6 ft versions if you prefer a taller size.

Pros & Cons


  • Budget-friendly, considering it comes prefilled. You don’t have to spend extra on stuffing.
  • Can practice various grappling techniques, making it suitable for both BJJ and MMA.
  • This dummy comes in different sizes, catering to a broader audience.


  • Not the most durable when compared to other prefilled options.
  • Not ideal for takedown training due to its structure.

If you’re looking for something versatile that you can use for a range of grappling techniques in both BJJ and MMA, the LEATHERAY MMA Jiu Jitsu Grappling Dummy might be worth a look. Though it’s not the most durable, it’s a great choice for people who want a variety of training options without breaking the bank.

10. Celebrita MMA Grappling Dummy


The Celebrita MMA Grappling Dummy is a high-quality training aid designed to offer a lifelike experience, particularly when it comes to guard and control techniques. Priced at 89.99 USD, it’s a bit on the higher side but comes from a well-established brand known for its durable products.

Celebrita MMA Grappling Dummy

Key Benefits

  • Price: At 89.99 USD, you’re investing in a product that’s made of leather and provides a fairly realistic grappling experience.
  • Material: It’s made of leather, which is often associated with durability and long-lasting use.
  • Unique Positioning: The dummy comes in a kneeling position with arms outstretched ahead, making it great for specific grappling techniques.
  • High-Quality Build: The leather and stitching appear to be of good quality.
  • Lifelike Feeling: It offers a very similar experience to grappling with a real partner, especially for guard, side control, and back mount drills.


For 89.99 USD, you get an unfilled leather dummy. This offers you the flexibility to fill it as you please, and it can hold anywhere from 55-121 lbs. Height options also vary, ranging from 40″ to 70″.

Pros & Cons


  • High-Quality Build
  • Good Posture
  • Lifelike Feeling
  • Good price-value ratio


  • While it’s good for certain moves, it doesn’t quite offer the same versatility as some other options—specifically when practicing passing and bottom half guard sweeps.

If you’re looking for a dummy with a lifelike feel, especially for practicing guard and control techniques, the Celebrita MMA Grappling Dummy is a strong contender. Its unique posture and durable build make it suitable for a variety of moves, although it may not be as versatile as some would like. Overall, it’s a solid investment for those serious about their grappling practice.

What Is a Grappling Dummy?

A grappling dummy is basically your inanimate training partner, designed for solo drills. Let’s say you’re into BJJ training or MMA and want to practice your techniques when a human partner isn’t available. That’s where a grappling dummy can help. 

Most dummies are designed to mimic the human form, helping you practice a range of movements and techniques. Whether you’re focused on Brazilian jiu jitsu, judo, or any other form of grappling, this tool is a great way to improve your skills. 

There are various types of grappling dummies available, each offering its own set of features. Some dummies can be filled with materials like sand or clothes, giving you control over their size and weight.

Why You Should Consider Getting a Grappling Dummy

Now, you might be wondering, “Why do I even need a grappling dummy?” Well, these dummies are a great addition to your training routine, especially if you’re into BJJ or MMA. Let’s dive into some compelling reasons:

Reinforce Learned Techniques

Especially in disciplines like jiu jitsu, a dummy is a great way to reinforce what you’ve learned in practice. Say you’ve been working on your leg lock or other grappling techniques; a dummy offers you a chance to practice outside the gym. You can rehearse those moves until they become second nature.

Multitask Your Training

Another cool aspect? You can watch YouTube tutorials and practice on the dummy at the same time. Imagine pulling off grappling moves on your dummy while following along with a video.

Ideal for Home Use

If you’ve got space at home, a grappling dummy is amazing for home practice. You don’t need to wait for your next BJJ or MMA class to practice. Finding the best grappling dummy for your needs can help you take your grappling and BJJ training to the next level, all from the comfort of your home.

What To Look For in A Grappling Dummy For BJJ And MMA

With so many options to pick from, selecting the right grappling dummy can be a bit overwhelming. This list has something for everyone: prefilled and unfilled dummies, options that won’t make your wallet cry, and those that are a bit more expensive. We even got stuff for the little ones just getting started and adults who’ve been at it for years.

But hey, what’s best for you really comes down to what you’re looking for.

Things to Consider:

  1. Durability: If you’re into MMA, you’re going to want a dummy that can take a beating. But if you’re focused solely on grappling or BJJ, durability is still important but maybe not a deal-breaker.
  2. Purpose: Are you looking for something to help with takedowns? Or do you need a dummy that’s great for drilling jiu-jitsu techniques? Some dummies are better suited for specific types of training.
  3. Size and Weight: If you’re an adult, you might find a kid’s dummy a bit too small for your needs. Similarly, a dummy that’s too heavy isn’t good for your child or beginner. So, think about who will be using it.
  4. Filled or Unfilled: Filled dummies save you the trouble of stuffing them yourself but might cost a bit more upfront. Unfilled dummies let you customize the weight but require some extra effort to get them ready.
  5. Budget: Whether you’re pinching pennies or willing to shell out for the best, price is always a factor. But remember, you often get what you pay for.
  6. Material: Leather, canvas, cloth—the material will affect both durability and ease of cleaning. Choose based on what’s most important to you.

So there you have it. No one dummy is the “best” since what you need will depend on your own training goals and preferences. Keep these factors in mind, weigh the pros and cons, and you’ll be on your way to choosing a grappling dummy that best suits your needs.

Buying A Grappling Dummy: Final Words

Look, grappling dummies are game changers when it comes to improving your skills. Remembering techniques can be tricky; I’ve been there. These dummies offer a great way to rehearse what you’ve learned and keep it fresh in your mind. You can even use them for solo drills while watching YouTube tutorials.

Seriously, they’re an incredible tool I can’t recommend enough. As for which one to go for, that’s all up to you. It depends on your budget, what you’re looking to practice, and your own personal preferences.

So take a moment, consider what you need, and make a choice that’ll help you level up your grappling game by looking at our list of the best grappling dummies in 2023. 


What type of dummy is best for beginners?

If you’re just starting out, an unfilled grappling dummy is often a good choice. They’re generally more affordable, and you can adjust the filling to your liking. 

What are some key dummy features to consider?

When shopping for a grappling dummy, consider its size, material, and flexibility. These features will impact your training experience.

Which is the best one for kids?

For younger practitioners, a smaller and lighter dummy is ideal. The HAWK Kids Grappling Dummy, for example, is a solid pick for children.

How do I choose the best BJJ dummy?

The best BJJ dummy for you will depend on your specific needs and goals. If you’re focused on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, look for a dummy that’s flexible and suited for ground techniques.

Are these dummies for BJJ and MMA, or just one?

Many of the dummies are versatile and can be used for both BJJ and MMA training. Make sure to check the product details to confirm.

What’s the difference between a filled and unfilled grappling dummy?

An unfilled grappling dummy allows you to customize the weight and firmness by adding your own stuffing, while a filled one comes ready for immediate use.

Which grappling dummy is ideal for takedowns?

If takedowns are your focus, look for a dummy with more rigid limbs and a sturdier build. The Stylso Wrestling and Grappling Dummy is a good pick for this.

Can a grappling dummy also help with striking techniques?

Some dummies are versatile enough to support both grappling and striking training but always read the product description to be sure.

What are the best options for durability?

For a quality grappling dummy that’s built to last, brands like CBC or Ring To Cage are often recommended.

Is a grappling dummy a good way to improve your BJJ?

Absolutely, a grappling dummy can be a fantastic tool for practicing your techniques, practicing new moves, and reinforcing muscle memory.

How do I know if a grappling dummy is built for longevity?

Reading customer reviews and looking for phrases like “well-stitched,” “high-quality material,” or “durable” can give you a good idea of the product’s longevity.

Are grappling dummies a worthwhile investment?

Grappling dummies are designed to provide practice and improvment even when you can’t get to the gym, most would say yes. They’re an effective and convenient tool for any grappling enthusiast.

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