Everyone can be a writer. But throw everything you know about communication out the window.

Everyone can be a writer.

No matter how bad your writing is.

But if you want to be a writer, throw everything you know about communication out the window.

This isn’t a high school English class.

The way I learned to write in school and university is useless when it comes to writing online.

You need to learn to capture attention.

And that’s how you do it:

1. Make Your Content 20% Shorter

I promise you:

By removing unnecessary words from your content, your writing gets soooo much better.

And it’s such a fun exercise:

Pick something you wrote and try to shorten it by 20%.

By doing that you’ll be forced to write more clear and concise.

2. Write For A 5th Grader

That’s one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received when it comes to writing.

Write for a 5th-grader audience. And you do that by using easy language.


Because nobody likes to think too much when reading.

Make your writing so clear that anyone can understand the ideas you are conveying. This will make people love you and consume more of your content.

3. Space Out Your Sentences

As you can see in this article – I like to space out my content.

I have a lot of empty space between my sentences. It makes it more comfortable for the human eye. Easier to digest.

And people love to read content that’s easy for the eye.

4. Write Like You Speak

Don’t use words you wouldn’t use in a conversation.

People love authenticity.

And by writing like you speak, you show that. People will feel like they are in a conversation with you.

It’ll make them trust you more and follow your writing.

5. Consume Good Content

In order to create good content, you have to consume good content.

Consume content relevant to what you want to discuss. The higher-quality content you consume, the higher the quality of your writing will be.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should copy others’ content. It should inspire you.

A writer doesn’t create something out of nowhere.

A writer consumes, reframes, and builds upon what they are consuming. They consume and then form their own insights and opinions.

6. Editing comes after Writing

Write first, then edit.

I used to write and edit at the same time.

Since I allow myself to flow while writing without editing my content, I get so much more done.

My writing improved because I’m not hindering my creativity while writing.

I write. Then I edit.

Final Words

Now that you read all these points on how to suck less at writing:

Read something you wrote. It’ll make you cringe.

And that’s good because it means you got better at writing.

I sucked at writing. Now, I make a living out of it.

Much love,


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