Like my favorite Psychologist, Carl Jung, said: “That which you need the most will be found where you least want to look. “

These 7 Uncomfortable Truths I’m gonna share with you are not easy to hear.

But there’s no growth without pain. And reality hurts sometimes.

Taking the red pill wasn’t easy for Neo. But it was necessary.

Like my favorite Psychologist, Carl Jung, said: “That which you need the most will be found where you least want to look. “

If we want to be free, we need to have the courage to face reality head-on, look within, and be honest with ourselves.

So be honest. When you go through the 7 Truths, ask yourself:

Does that apply to me?

1. The Problem is always you. Even if it’s not.

Life can be rough at times.

Often, it seems that the problem is outside of us. But the truth is, you’re always the problem.

When something goes wrong, it’s always our fault. This might seem self-destructive, but with the right mindset, it’s actually empowering.

If you are the problem, then you are also the one who can fix it. If you weren’t the problem, you’d be a victim. There’d be nothing you could do, and you’d be destined to suffer.

So, when you’re about to blame others, remember:

In the deepest spiritual sense, it’s always us that’s the problem.

For example:

Your partner makes you angry. Are you angry because of them? No, you’re angry because there is anger in your heart. If there were no anger inside you, you wouldn’t be able to feel anger.

This might be harsh to realize, but so beneficial when installing that mindset.

2. You feel like shit because your actions don’t align with who you want to be

Think about it:

Who do you want to be?

If you’ve paid attention to what you like, who inspires you, and what makes you feel emotional, you know who you want to be.

Now reflect:

Are you acting toward becoming that version of yourself?

For many of us, the answer to that question will be disappointing.

Our everyday life doesn’t reflect the person we want to become. And, of course, that makes us feel bad. And rightly so.

This bad feeling is our bodies’ way of telling us: YOU NEED TO MAKE A CHANGE. It’s talking to us. We just need to have the courage to listen.

And change comes from showing integrity – To do what you say you’re going to do. To keep yourself accountable.

That way, you build trust in yourself, and you’ll move in a better direction.

So next time when you feel like shit, ask yourself:

Could that be because I’m not showing integrity?

3. Positive Affirmations don’t work.

They’ve been lying to you.

You can shout as many affirmations in the mirror as you like. But if you’re not taking action, then they won’t work- at least not in the long term.

Actions speak louder than words. ‘

If you tell yourself how great you are but don’t have any proof for that, you won’t believe it.

Confidence is built by accumulating proof, not by affirmations.

So, if you want to use affirmations, sure, go ahead. But don’t forget to do the work.

4. If you never offend anyone, you’re fake

“The ones who don’t dare to offend cannot be honest”

I love this quote. Because it’s true.

The moment you speak your truth, you’ll offend people. You have your opinions, your experiences, and your worldviews.

Most of us suppress them.

Why? We’re afraid of being judged. We are afraid that people will no longer like us when we express our feelings.

So you go about your day pretending. Not sharing what you really think.

I used to be that way. I wanted to hold up an image of the nice, kind, and loving guy.

While that’s cool and all, there were many times when I should have spoken, and I didn’t. There were many times when I censored myself.

And that made me fake.

I’ve never felt better since I developed the courage to speak up. To be okay with getting hate.

You’ll get resistance. But resistance is necessary when you want to set yourself free.

5. If you don’t have goals, you’re a coward

If you don’t have goals, you’re afraid.

Ask yourself: Why don’t I have goals?

It’s because you’re afraid to set goals. Setting goals opens up the possibility that you could fail at achieving your goal.

By not setting goals, you can avoid the possibility of failure. The only thing is, by doing so, your whole life becomes a failure.

So, have the courage to set goals. Open up the possibility that you could fail.

It might hurt at times, but oh boy, it’s worth it.

6. If you have Social Anxiety, you’re not yourself

Social Anxiety is high nowadays.

But an uncomfortable fact for many is:

Of course, you’re socially anxious. You’re scamming people. You’re not yourself. You’re pretending to be someone you’re not.

Pretending is taxing for your body and mind.

So, the way out of social anxiety is to speak your truth, show your real face, and share your real self with the world.

Of course,, that doesn’t apply to everybody. But for most of us, social anxiety is curable by living your truth.

7. People Pleasers Manipulate

People Pleasers are often said to be too nice.

They always say “Yes” to everything.

But they are not too nice. It’s rather that they have no boundaries.

But Why?

It’s because they are needy. They want people to love them.

And they think that by doing everything for those people, that brings them love.

But People Pleasers often don’t get love. It’s because they don’t show their real self.

People don’t like people who pretend, are needy, and don’t have boundaries.

This is hard to accept, but having boundaries is essential for a peaceful life.

Final Words

I know that these 7 Truths are not pleasant to hear. When I first heard them, they raised a lot of resistance inside me.

But I knew they were true, and I had to introspect like never before. The Truth hurts sometimes, but they healed me.

So, if you’re brave enough to look at the things you don’t want to look at, you’ll set yourself free.

Growth is never comfortable. It requires pain. So don’t avoid it. Avoiding it makes it worse.

Face reality, accept, and grow.

Much love,


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