I’ve been consuming whey protein for some time now. But about a year ago, I switched to clear whey protein. For me, it’s been a game-changer. I prefer clear whey protein for many reasons: it’s easier on my stomach, has fewer calories, mixes well with water, and has a higher protein content.

Before, chugging down a whey protein shake wasn’t something I’d get excited about. But that’s all changed since I bought my first clear whey protein.

Keep reading because next, I’ll lay down the full scoop on Clear Whey vs Whey Protein.

Is Clear Whey Isolate or Whey Protein Better?

For me, clear whey protein is the winner, no doubt. It tastes great with just water, so that you can skip the milk and those extra calories. It’s more like sipping a soft drink than a milkshake, which I like more.

Plus, it has fewer calories and more protein per serving. And also, it’s way easier on my stomach and cuts out more unnecessary ingredients. The only thing is that it’s more expensive than whey protein. But I’m to pay a bit more for all these extra benefits it offers.

Now, if you want to bulk up, clear whey might not be yours for you. Stick with regular whey protein and mix it with milk for those extra calories. And if you prefer milkshakes over juice, then whey’s probably more your style.

But if you want to get lean, clear whey’s the way to go. One serving only has about 100 calories and gives you 25g of protein.

Clear Whey vs Whey Protein: What Are The Differences?

Now if you’re looking for the best protein powder for muscle growth, there is a debate: Clear whey vs whey protein. Let’s dive into the differences of these two protein supplements: 

1. Calorie Intake

Whey protein usually has around 120 to 150 calories for a 30g scoop, depending on what brand you go with. Clear whey protein is a lighter option, with lower calories, around 90 to 110 calories per 30g scoop.

Now, here’s the thing: I’ve yet to find a whey protein that tastes good with just water. So, I’d mix whey protein with milk. Milk’s got its own calories, about 110 for 250ml. 

Add that to the whey, and you’re looking at roughly 230 calories for one whey protein drink. Compare that to about 100 calories in clear whey protein, and you see the big difference.

This could make or break your weight loss goals. Check out my article on how I used clear whey protein to lose weight and gain muscle.

2. Protein Content

So, let’s get into the protein intake numbers. A 30g scoop of traditional whey protein gives you about 20g to 23g of protein, depending on the brand. With clear whey isolate, you get 24 to 26g of protein per 30g scoop – meaning only 4g is no protein, which is insane!! 

Clear whey protein is made in a way that isolates the protein and gets rid of everything else. What you get is a cleaner, more packed scoop of high-quality protein. So you’re getting more protein and fewer calories. How cool is that?

3. Carbohydrates and Fat

Now, let’s talk about carbs and fat. Through this special process where they isolate the protein, clear protein powder ends up with less fat and less sugar. That means it’s got almost no carbohydrates. It’s truly a cleaner version of whey protein.

4. Taste

Clear whey protein is a refreshing alternative protein source. It tastes almost like juice or even a soda. It’s not thick like a milkshake, it’s light and refreshing. If you’re into fruity flavors, clear whey’s got you covered.

They come in all sorts of fun tastes, like green apple, orange, lemon, and strawberry. But if you’re not into flavors, they’ve got unflavored ones, too. I like to mix unflavored clear whey protein with my regular gym water.

Now, whey protein is different. They usually taste more like chocolate or vanilla, kinda dessert-like. It’s heavier, and I often have to force it down, especially if I’ve been on the same flavor for a week or two.

Plus, I’m a fan of drinks like iced tea and Coke. So, swapping those out with preparing a clear whey protein shake that tastes similar? It’s a win-win. I actually look forward to drinking it, even during my meals.

5. Texture

As said earlier, whey protein is thicker and feels like a more milky protein shake. Clear whey protein is lighter, almost juice-like. The clear protein powder itself is much thinner than whey protein powder. It mixes super easy and makes for a light drink.

Another thing is that you usually mix clear whey protein with water, but whey protein you usually mix with milk. So if you like light and easy, clear whey’s the way to go. If you’re into thick and creamy, stick with regular whey and milk.

6. Digestability

Now, let’s talk about how these drinks feel in your belly. Whey protein used to mess with my stomach. It felt like a heavy rock inside me, and I had trouble digesting it. On the other hand, clear whey protein is way easier on my stomach. It’s so light and digestive that I can have two drinks a day and not feel like I need a break.

7. Price

For whey protein, you’re looking at about 30 to 45 USD for 1000 (2.2 lbs). Now, for clear whey protein, it’s gonna cost you a bit more. You’ll pay around 50 to 65 USD for the same 1000g.

Clear whey isolate manufacturing process is a more detailed process to make it pure and isolate the protein more effectively. So yeah, it’s a bit pricier, but you’re paying for that extra quality.

Final Words

Alright, so when you look at both kinds, clear whey protein is the winner for me. It’s got fewer calories, more protein per scoop, and it’s easier on the stomach. Plus, it tastes like juice, not a thick milkshake. Sure, it costs a bit more, but it’s been a game-changer for me.

I tried many brands and flavors, and I’m really impressed. I’ll never go back to regular protein again. And I’m sure you won’t either once you try clear whey protein isolate.

But if you’re still on the fence, try both and see which one is for you. But I’d say go for clear whey. And if you’re unsure which brand to pick, check out my post on the best clear whey proteins on the market. I laid out everything you need to know about each brand, making it easier to decide.

And if you have any questions, please reach out to me. I’m happy to help!

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